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Original vintage airline poster collection and guide for travel poster collectors.

”Propeller Propaganda” is the nickname I gave my original vintage airline poster collection. This website is dedicated to poster artists, printmakers  and designers, who participated in creating traveling dreams. Click on the posters below and explore my collection! 


Enthusiasts around the world are collecting these sensitive artworks, which have never been made for surviving longer than a few years. May be you are interested in purchasing and collecting airline or travel posters too, here you will find some inspiration.

Pan Am poster collection
Pan Am poster collection
Air France poster collection
Air France poster collection
United Air Lines poster collection
United Air Lines poster collection
TWA poster collection
TWA poster collection
Lufthansa poster collection
Lufthansa poster collection
Swissair poster collection
Swissair poster collection

Original Airline Posters of the Week

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London by Clipper


Original vintage travel poster

by Aaron Fine


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Pan American World Airways


Fly The President

to London and Paris


Original vintage airline poster


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Vintage Poster Auctions 2020 - Preview

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Aug 27


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You are looking for a vintage poster price guide? Hard to find, but have a look at some stunning results of past auctions.

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Affiche Passion

Affiche Passion

346 rue Louis MARGA · 59830 LOUVIL · FRANCE · Tel +33 610 252 199 · contact(at)

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